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Four thing you can do with fake hair

Have you ever seen wigs and hair extensions in stores and wondered what on earth am I going to use it for? But then a small desire to buy it also peaks. Then it gets louder and louder until you buy it. So here are the four ways you can use them for in those cases.

Complicated hairstyles

Have you ever wanted to do a hairstyle that involves million plates and knots? But the process of untangling your has stopped you? We always have those occasions where we want to look special. And in those occasions hair wigs can be your best friend. You can make all the plates and knots on the wig and that too without any pulling or headaches.

Colouring and highlights

We all want to try peculiar colors on our heads. But I think it’s fair that we are scared of doing it in a permanent or semipermanent way on our natural hair. I mean there are a lot of things that can go wrong. You may color your face also. The harsh chemical may damage your hair. The fake hair, be it a wig or an extension, saves you all the tension and let’s you wear the color or highlights. If you end up liking it, you may actually do it permanently later.

Adding volume and length

There are huge number of hair problems that come easily and stay for a long time. They will stop your hair growth and induce hair fall. Your hair may look dead and unhealthy. Thus it’s perfectly normal if you want to increase the volume and the length. It can be done in both temporary and semi-permanent ways. Taped hair extensions are temporary. They can be put on and removed on your will. While u tip hair extensions are applied with head and can stay up to three to four months.


How many of us see the Tv and envy the Bangs, curly hair, the waves, the straight hairs, the celebrities sport? But are too afraid of keeping the hot rod in our hair. Because let’s not kid ourselves, that it looks risky. Not to exclude the danger of burning them out. We can skip all these risks too through wigs. You can buy natural human hair wig that closely resembles your natural hair. And you can style it to your heart’s content.

Will fake hair damage my normal hair?

No, they won’t damage your normal hair.

How many hair extensions do I need?

As much as you can afford.

Do I need to maintain it after fusion?

Yes, you have to do touch ups after fusion to even out your natural hair growth.

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