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How to choose the best hair extensions

Hair is a huge part of how a person looks. And it is important to look good to enhance your Confidence. However, natural hair needs a lot of work to maintain. And even after the efforts, they misbehave. And to fix it all and look better, hair extensions are the solutions. And you need to choose them wisely to rock a look. Here are a few tips.


When you are looking for a hair extensions, there are basically two qualities available. They are natural and artificial hair extensions. Most people choose artificial hair extensions because they are affordable, have many options and can be installed by themselves. But the alternative human hair extensions are of higher quality. They can withstand any styling like curling, straightening, unlike artificial hair extensions. You cannot use heat on artificial hair extensions.

At Chennai hair factory, the best human hair extensions are made from donated hair from the temples. The high quality makes it last longer.


You must consider the amount of hair and the number of wefts available in a pack. Based on your requirement, you can choose number of the pack you want. A pack may contain a set of 20 wefts. And if you want to go for full head hair extensions, you may need about 50 wefts. So you need three packs of extensions. Make sure the number of hair per weft neither too many or too less. Both will make it stand out.

Clip or tape-in extensions

Clip hair extensions are hair extensions weft with a hair clip that can be clipped on to the hair. A person can wear them without other assistance. They take less time to wear. They are temporary and can be removed easily. They are useful for sporting hairstyles on special occasions.

Tape-in hair extensions are applied to the hair using heat with the assistance of a hairstylist. They are semi-permanent and so you can wear them for three to six months. You might need occasional touch-ups. But they give a more natural look. They are suitable for sporting new looks and hairstyle.

Based on your requirement choose between them.

Choose color

Based on your hair colour, choose a colour that either blend with your natural hair or a colour that compliments your hair colour. If you want to add volume and length, choose a colour that is exactly the same colour or the one that matches your natural hair closely. If you are going to experiment, then the colour palette is all yours to try.

Choose texture

No matter what your requirement is, you need to choose the texture of the hair extensions similar to that of your natural hair. There are many types of textures like shiny, rough, oily, curly, straight, wavy, etc. Choosing a different texture will make it stand out and look awkward.

Is Clip or Tape hair extension suitable for attending friends reception?

Clip hair extensions will suit special occasions. They are temporary and can be used for a single time.

Which is the best quality hair extension?

Indian Remy hair is the best quality hair extension.

Can I wear human hair extensions for workouts and swimming?

A good quality tape hair extensions can be worn through any vigorous exercise.

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