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Have you ever wanted to color your hair with crazy colors? Has the harmful process of coloring stopped you? Then our colored hair extensions is the best solution. It will let you add colors to your life without harming your hair. It even gives you the option to change color as often as you wish without spending a lot.

We make the best quality hair extensions from natural hair donated at the temples. We sort the hair from the single owners separately and cleanse them gently. This gives a natural and vibrant look to our colored hair extensions. We use high quality dyes that don’t damage the hairs natural look. And we offer a wide range of colors with normal, ombré and neon effects. Our hair extensions do not shred and they do not get tangled. Hence they can be used for a long period of time. Our colored hair extensions saves you a lot of money and the health of your hair.

Can I mix one or more colors?

Yes, you can mix colored strands

Does the color fade?

No, it does not fade unless you use harsh chemicals on them.

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