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Keratin Hair Extensions

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The best keratin hair extensions are made out of virgin Indian hair. In other words, they consist of 100% human hair and can be blended beautifully with your natural hair. Once they are fused with your natural hair using heat, no one can tell it apart. And they don’t need any maintenance once the initial fusion is done. And they easily last up to six months.

We make our keratin hair extensions from natural hair donated at the temples. We make sure the donor is young and we strictly weft together hair from a single donor. Thus our extensions are natural and healthy looking. We do not mix synthetic hairs. Thus our hairs do not shred and they are tangle free. They are wafted using head machine weft. Hence they can be used for a long period of time.

How is it installed?

It’s installed using tape or glue.

How long does it take to be installed?

It takes less than one hour.

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