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Taped Hair Extensions

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Taped hair extensions are small strands of hair extensions that can be taped in one or more places in your head. Have you ever wanted to do that complicated hairstyle for an event, but couldn’t because of thin hair? Then taped hair extensions are your best option. They can add volume to your hair. They can be added on one side or both sides. Stylists swear that the taped hair extensions have reduced their styling time and it can be done within half an hour.

We make our taped hair extensions from natural hair donated at the temples. We make sure the donor is young and we strictly weft together hair from a single donor. Thus our extensions are natural and healthy looking. We do not mix synthetic hairs. Thus our hairs do not shred and they are tangle free. They are wafted using head machine weft. Hence they can be used for a long period of time. Our taped hair extensions are easy to place in the head and are easy to remove too. And they are affordable.

How many strands do I need to cover my whole head?

You might need around 100 to 120 strands.

Are the tapes invisible?

Yes, the tapes are invisible.

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