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U Tip Hair Extensions

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U tip or hot fusion hair extensions are a type of hair extensions that are shaped like a U. It is applied to the head using heat. These are semi permanent hair extensions, that can be worn day and night. This easily helps you sport a particular look for a period of three months in the least. When applied professionally, they cannot be traced.

The strands of the hair extensions are made from natural unprocessed virgin hair from single donors. So our hair extensions have a natural and healthy texture from top to bottom. Our hair extensions are not chemically treated or mixed with synthetic hair. So they look completely natural. The hairs are woven using head machine weft and so it does not shed. The cuticles are aligned in the same direction. Hence our weft hair extensions are tangle free. They last long and can be reused. We offer best quality hair extensions at affordable rates.

Does the heat affect my hair?

It doesn’t cause any permanent damage.

Once fixed will it fall off?

No, once placed they will stay fixed.

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